So I just made the greyscale function and it passes check50 but when I try to open or download the output.bmp file, it doesn't show anything. Anyone know how to fix this? This was the command I put in to the console ~/pset4/filter/ $ ./filter -g images/stadium.bmp outfile.bmp enter image description here


Did you actually run the program locally? If you went straight to check50, the code ran on a remote server, so the output file wouldn't have been created locally. You can't open a file that doesn't exist. Also, are you in the same directory where you executed filter and the output file was created?

  • Okay so after a little bit of digging, I found out that it was because instead of using an integer in my "for" loops, I used a BYTE. I have no Idea how this was a problem because it compiled and passed check50 just fine. Jun 11 at 14:07

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