Maybe a silly question but im very new on github etc and still trying to grasp everything. Any help is much appreciated.

So when im on the cs50 IDE, when i run

 check50  \path-to-script\

im prompted to give my github username and password, on order to check/submit.

Then I keep receiving emails from github that password acccess will soon be deprecated, and I should create an SSH or HTTP key (personal access tokens), otherwise i cant access my github account from august 2021 onwards. As I am still following the cs50 course, I want to still be able to do the assignments!

Thus I created one last week for my github account (gave it all admin permissions), but I am still asked for my github password when I submit scripts on cs50 IDE.

Can someone help me understand what steps i need to take to solve this? does it have to do with the IDE or some setting on github or something else im completely missing?

Any comments are greatly appreciated thanks


For now, keep using a github userid and password.

The CS50 staff is working on a system-wide fix/replacement for this and will have it before the deadline. (as I was told by @curiouskiwi, a staff member)

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