I've just started on pset9 finance, but I can't create an account with IEX. When I try, it tells me that my email address is already in use (this is definitely not true - I'm using a relatively new address). When I reset my password for that address and log in as if I already have an account, I'm taken to a screen telling me that the site can't load required JavaScript:


As it happens, my anitvirus is Kaspersky and I've followed some steps that seem to be meant to solve this problem, but still get the same result from the IEX website. I'd rather not play around any more with disabling aspects of my antivirus software, as I don't really know what I am doing in this area.

I've tried accessing IEX via both Firefox and Chrome, with the same result.

Does anyone know how to get around this problem?

  • Update: I was able to create an account and get an API Key from IEX via my phone, where the above problems weren't encountered. I hope I am now sufficiently set up to complete Finance without returning to IEX's site, as that could get annoying. Sep 6 at 16:53

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