I am quite sure about my answers but check50 keeps saying its incorrect. Im not sure if I am giving the answers in the correct way. For ex. The thief escaped to Heathrow(I think)/ London but I am not sure which should I give(Heathrow or London) or maybe both?

This is what is currently in the answers folder:

The THIEF is: Russell

The thief ESCAPED TO: Heathrow airport, London

The ACCOMPLICE is: Philip

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The Specification says: "complete each of the lines in answers.txt by filling in the name of the thief, the city that the thief escaped to, and the name of the thief’s accomplice", so I think you should only enter the name of the city in the second line.

If it still don't pass check50 (and I think it won't pass), rethink your answers.

  • Thanks I appreciate, I just accidentally wrote Russell twice at one point. I now have the correct answers
    – Dylan
    Commented Oct 10, 2021 at 16:35

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