The video (Week1 continued) I down loaded from Youtube shown Sun 9/14 (I understand that this video belongs to year 2014 because 14th September in 2014 is Sunday). But the Video in my dash board of eDX showing Sun 9/15 (i.e this video belongs to 2013).

This is confusing and wasting the time.

How to get all Videos of 2014 course with transcript files?

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The easiest way to get the proper videos and transcripts for your CS50 edX course is logging into the edX site, if at all possible. The proper YouTube lectures with accompanying transcripts are there listed by week.

If you are going directly through YouTube it can get confusing because the current CS50 edX course opened in January (with Fall 2013 lecture material) and the new videos are being uploaded from the current (2014) Fall semester on campus.


The current version of the course on edX is the fall 2013 version. The fall 2014 version is expected to be on edX in January. However, you can still access the resources of the fall 2014 version through http://cs50.tv/2014/fall/

Update: if you're able to submit all the psets as well as the final project before December 31, then you should take the fall 2013 version (currently on edX) for an honor code certificate offered by edX.

Otherwise, you have three options:

  1. to keep following the fall 2013 version and maybe submitting as many psets as you can just for practice while waiting for the new version to be on edX.

  2. to follow both versions with the option of submitting the solutions to the psets of the fall 2013 version still on the table.

  3. to follow the 2014 version and wait for it to be on edX so that you can submit the solutions for the psets as well as your final project.

It's worth mentioning that I don't think the new version of the course have way different topics than the current version. Even if you follow the 2013 version, you can still skip the unneeded parts when it comes to the 2014 version. This way you'll probably get use of both versions by learning the basic material as well as learning the additions/differences in the 2014 version. The decision is certainly up to you.

  • But this preset course close by 31 December 2014. Which videos you suggest for this present eDX CS50? Commented Oct 19, 2014 at 16:12
  • @RAnanthaJanardhan I've just updated my answer, please look at the update section! Thank you!
    – kzidane
    Commented Oct 19, 2014 at 16:28

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