This is my first time posting on reddit asking for help : I've been so far going through cs50 on ressources online when I got stuck, but here I can't figure it out even tho with the numerous online walkthroughs that exist.

So, my dropdown menu isn't showing up : it seems it can't get the list of symbols I sent on the Jinja loop. Here is my sell function code : ( I bolded ) what I think is the important part I'm stuck with both on the app.py and index.html files @.route("/sell", methods=["GET", "POST"]) @login_required def sell(): if request.method == "POST":

    # Ensure user typed a symbol
    symbol = request.form.get("symbol").upper()
    if not symbol:
        return apology("must provide a symbol", 403)

     # Ensure symbol exist
    item = lookup(symbol)
    if not item:
        return apology("Invalid symbol", 403)

    # Return apology if the user does not own any shares of that stock after submission
    user_id = session["user_id"]
    rows = db.execute("SELECT symbol FROM trades WHERE user_id = ?", user_id)
    if symbol not in rows:
        return apology("You don't own any shares of this stock, you malicious")

    # Get the number of shares, ensure it's a positive integer
        shares = int(request.form.get("shares"))
        return apology("Must provide an entire number of shares")
    if shares <= 0:
        return apology("Must provide a positive number of shares to sell")

    # Ensure user has enough shares
    nbshares_user = db.execute("SELECT SUM(shares) as totalShares FROM trades WHERE symbol = ? AND user_id = ? HAVING totalShares > 0", symbol, user_id)
    if shares > nbshares_user:
        return apology("You don't have that many shares")

    # Obtain price of sell
    item = lookup(symbol)
    item_price = item["price"]
    total_price = item["price"]*shares

    # L'additionner à son cash
    rows = db.execute("SELECT cash FROM users WHERE id = ?", user_id)
    new_cash = cash + total_price

    # Update database users cash
    db.execute("UPDATE users SET cash= ? WHERE id = ?", new_cash, user_id)

    # Update user trades
    db.execute("INSERT INTO trades (user_id, symbol, price, shares, type) VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", user_id, symbol, item_price, -shares, 'sell')

    # Get a list of symbols for the select option
    symbols = db.execute("SELECT DISTINCT symbol FROM trades WHERE user_id = ?", user_id)
    return render_template("sell.html", symbols=symbols)
    return render_template("sell.html")

And here is the sell.html part involved:

<form action="/sell" method="post">

    <div class="form-group">

        <select name="symbol" >
             <option disabled selected value="">Symbol</option>
            {% for symbols in symbols %}
            <option value = "{{ symbols.symbol }}">{{ symbols.symbol }}</option>

    <div class="form-group"></div>
        <input autocomplete="off" name="shares" type="text" class="form-control"placeholder="Enter a number of shares">
    <button class="btn btn-primary" type="submit">Sell</button>

{% endblock %} It would basically just display the scroll down menu, but without anything in it. I've been looking on almost every solutions that I found, and there is quite a few posts on here only about the dropdown select menu, but nothing that helped me solving the problem. If you have any idea, I feel stuck and kinda frustrated. Thanks for your support Etienne

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it seems it can't get the list of symbols I sent on the Jinja loop

The dropdown list of valid symbols is needed for the GET method. Program does not "send" the list of symbols in the GET branch.

    return render_template("sell.html")

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