When I try to submit my answers I get these messages on running check50:

:) answers.txt
:) answers all questions
:( correctly identifies each sort
    Incorrect assignment of sorts.

I'm not sure I'm understanding the error message correctly. Is it saying that I figured out the type of search (selection, bubble, merge) for sort1, sort2, and sort3 programs? And if so, what is meant by "Incorrect assignment of sorts."? I'm guessing that I figured out the type of search for each but have input some kind of error that it's tripping over, probably related to syntax. I've tried different syntax of the sort types. For example, I tried using examples of 'selection sort', 'Selection Sort', 'Selection', 'selection', etc. and got the same error message. Here's my answers.txt file:

sort1 uses: Selection sort

How do you know?: In 7 of the 9 files tested it's the slowest which we know selection sort is

sort2 uses: Merge sort

How do you know?: In 7 out of 9 of the files tested, it's the fastest which we know merge sort is

sort3 uses: Bubble sort

How do you know?: Since it's neither the fastest (7 out of 9) or slowest (7 out of 9) it must be the middle speed which is bubble

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Your error is not in the syntax itself, but in the answers I recommend that you review them

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