I notice in week 2 David suggest there's such a thing as style50 which will provide feedback on the quality of my code. What is it? How to access it?

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Style50 is a tool packed with the CS50 Appliance, not unlike check50 and connect50. Style50 checks your C source code's formatting, i.e. spaces, indentation, variable naming, etc, and tells you your mistakes so that you can make your code much more readable and clean.

To get your file checked by style50, type this on the teminal prompt:

style50 <name of your C file>.c

Be sure to be in the c files parent directory when you are just typing the file's name, or else you will need to specify its relative path to get it to work. Try getting the green smiley on every C file you make.


I see you have your question already answered but for people who might need help in the future, you can also browse the CS50 style guide here: https://manual.cs50.net/style/

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