The problem is that style50 highlights the printf(" "); function, everything works, if there is printf("-"); it doesn't say anything, but i need there space not a line.

} enter image description here

  • No idea what you're asking. Please edit the question and explain in detail what the problem seems to be. All I see is a bunch of places where style50 says to add spaces and one spot that needs some removed.
    – Cliff B
    Commented Oct 20, 2022 at 0:32

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It only wanted me to double tab the line.


This is output of the command that checks coding style and provides recommendations for improvements (to promote consistent style).

Anything green - it's something you need to ADD to your code. Anything red - remove.

E.g. do\n - means that you need to press enter where you see \n so that the curly brace goes to the next line (and don't forget to press tab to many sure the curly brace sits right under the "do" command.

h>1 || h<8 - needs spaces around the > and < signs. Make sure it looks like this: h > 1 || h < 8 Notice the extra spaces?

All green stuff on the left (which is about 4 characters long) means that you need extra tabulation there (press the tab key once) to make sure the code looks readable.

Hope it makes sense now.

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