Does anybody else have problems with the appliance after upgrading OS X to Yosemite (10.10)?

I keep on getting these kind of screens.

When I command-tab out of it, and command-tab in again, it looks fine again. (for about a minute, when I get another one of these)


  • Did you try VirtualBox? – Kareem Nov 3 '14 at 18:20
  • Does the VMware fusion version you are using support Yosemite? – lethaljd Nov 4 '14 at 2:51
  • Found this thread here: link . Seems that my version 6.0.5, does not officially support Yosemite. Changed to VirtualBox, as Kareem suggested: VirtualBox runs fine on Yosemite! – Jesse Nov 4 '14 at 9:33

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