I am using Visual Studio on windows and would like to use Stanford CPP library. Can anyone tell me what is the standard method to include the library header files to run for my visual studio project?

What I have tried to do is copy all the header files in the project source file folder but this does not seem to be working. If someone can enlist the steps, that would be greatly appreciated!

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Taken directly from here (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20058864/how-to-include-libraries-in-visual-studio-2012), all credit to them :)

Typically you need to do 5 things to include a library in your project:

1) Add #include statements necessary files with declarations/interfaces, e.g.:

#include "library.h"

2) Add an include directory for the compiler to look into

-> Configuration Properties/VC++ Directories/Include Directories (click and edit, add a new entry)

3) Add a library directory for *.lib files:

-> Configuration Properties/VC++ Directories/Library Directories (click and edit, add a new entry)

4) Link the lib's *.lib files

-> Configuration Properties/Linker/Input/Additional Dependencies (e.g.: library.lib;

5) Place *.dll files either:

-> in the directory you'll be opening your final executable from or into Windows/system32

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