everyone, I've stuck with this problem for a few days, I found some kind of resolution for it, but I don't understand what means number. I will really appreciate if anyone can explain me more

enter image description here

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In the code above, "number" is simply a variable name. It could easily have been "my_number" or "a_possible_prime" or even "fred" for that matter. The word "number" has no significance, other than being a variable name and possibly being descriptive. The contents of the variable is a number, after all.

It's not a keyword or any kind of command.

This variable will contain a number that will be checked to see if it is a prime. Nothing more.


Yes this confused me at first as well. It is just what they chose for a variable name for the variable being passed to the function when it is called from main. In main they are sending the variable i and it is recieved by prime and set to number.

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