Please, I would like to know how to install the VMWare and how to use it. Hoping to get a clear answer to this in order to enable me to move forward.

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    to get a clear answer u maybe should provide a clear question! you wanna install it on your amiga 500 to emulate C64 games?^^ my ASSUMPTION is that u wanna install it to run the cs50 appliance so what´s wrong with the instructions for that from cs50?
    – SebBr
    Nov 7 '14 at 9:50

Which operating system are you installing it on?

I've installed it on Windows 7 and it was mostly straightforward.


Download for Windows, assuming you have Windows, and install it.

Afterwards, you need to download some kind of operating system to install with it. If you want one similar to the application CS50 is using, you'll want to pick up Fedora 20 with the XFCE interface. I suggest getting the 32-bit version even if you have a 64 bit computer with lots of ram...you'll probably not be giving your virtual machine more than 4 gigs of ram.

https://spins.fedoraproject.org/xfce/#downloads Go for the 32-bit PC edition, direct download.

When you load up VMware you'll want to create a new machine, direct it to the location of the fedora iso you downloaded, and probably tell it that it's a LINUX machine of FEDORA (not fedora 64) type.

Read the prompts and follow them for all the other steps I haven't mentioned. You should be okay.

Once you get Fedora up and running on VMware the first thing you'll probably want to go is to find the start button and go to settings/display and change your screen's resolution to something nicer.

To install software you can open a terminal and type sudo yum install nameofsoftware for example, sudo yum install gedit and sudo yum install gcc

also don't forget to sudo yum update and sudo yum upgrade


here it is: https://manual.cs50.net/appliance/19/#instructions


Download VMware Player for free from http://www.vmware.com/go/downloadplayer/.

Double-click the file you just downloaded (which is likely in your Downloads folder) in order launch VMware Player’s installer.

If a window entitled User Account Control appears, click Yes.

A window entitled VMware Player Setup should appear. Click Next.

When prompted to select a Destination Folder, click Next.

When prompted about Shortcuts, click Next. (Uncheck Desktop and/or Start Menu Programs folder if you’d like.)

When prompted to Perform the Requested Operations, click Continue.

Once you see Setup Wizard Complete, click Restart Now if prompted, else Continue.

Download the CS50 Appliance itself at http://mirror.cs50.net/appliance50/19/i386/appliance50-19-0-vmware.ova (torrent). That file is over 1GB in size, so it might take a while to download.

Launch VMware Player, as by double-clicking its icon, which should be in your Applications folder. If prompted with a Software License Agreement, click Agree. If prompted for Licensing, paste in your license key, then click OK. If prompted to Create New, Convert VM, or Migrate PC, simply click Skip. If you do not yet have a license key, begin the trial. You may need to input an email address to proceed.

Select File > Open…. Navigate your way to that appliance50-19-0-vmware.ova and click Open.

Click VMware Player’s ▶ button to start up the appliance. If prompted to "upgrade this virtual machine," click Upgrade.

The appliance should then boot! If you see a black-and-white screen entitled GNU GRUB, no need to do anything; the appliance will continue to boot after a few seconds!

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    This is not a legitimate answer.
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  • Dude what is wrong with you? Write a better one instead of comment and downrate mine, though it was helpful for the threadopener!!! This isn´t stack overflow!!! very lame!
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