#include <cs50.h> #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int first = get_int("Enter firstnumber: "); int second = get_int("Enter second number: "); if (second > first) { printf("%i is larger than %i.\n, second , first"); } }

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When you DON'T have that problem, then things should be working fine. But, I suspect that you meant to ask what to do when you DO have that problem. ;-)

I'm assuming you're trying to make myfile. The "No such file or directory" problem usually means that you're either in the wrong directory or that the filename isn't correct. Reminder: it's case sensitive. Also, the source code file needs to have the .c suffix, but don't include the suffix in the make command. In other words, make myfile.c will fail.

If it's another issue, please add a screenshot of your IDE showing the problem. Maybe we can figure out from there what's going on.

If this answers your question, please click on the check mark to accept. Let's keep up on forum maintenance. ;-)

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