For my final project, I would like to use the WTForms library.

Question number 1) Can I do it? Can I use an external library?

Reading the instructions of the final project it would seem that there are no limits of this type

Question number 2) Will the library work when I submit the project?

I happened to have to import the library several times with the pip install WTForms command because the server said the library was not present.

I have the impression that every now and then the server deletes the library I imported.

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What you need to do if you are going to require a pip install xyz is that you are going to need to create a requirements file so that others can reproduce the environment. The general pattern for that in python is as follows

  1. produce requirements
    pip freeze > requirements.txt
  2. add them to git
  3. consume requirements
    pip install -r requirements.txt

That said you could email them to double check that this is allowed.

You should probably put in your README that they should install the pip requirements.

I should note that normally this is done from a virtual environment first, but we are kind of already in a virtual environment.

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