If possible, I'd like to install and run the CS50 appliance on an HP Chromebook. Can I do this? If so, can anyone direct me to instructions on how to do it?

After looking around it seems like it might be possible using virtualbox (chrubuntu?). But since I'm not confident on how to do it I wanted to make sure it was possible before putting much time into it and getting in too deep.

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As stated here it seems you cannot actually run VirtualBox in your ChromeOS.

But, if dual booting is an option, you can always install good old Ubuntu (or the distro of your choice) side-by-side with your Chrome-OS and boot Ubuntu when you need running the appliance.

P.S.: I'd recommend installing VirtualBox in Ubuntu. I couldn't make VMWare Player run the appliance.


If you meet the minimum specs to install VirtualBox with the appliance image, then you should be fine.

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