After restarting my computer, everytime I try and open Appliance50, I get this message:
"If this virtual machine is not in use, press the "Take Ownership" button to obtain ownership of it. Otherwise, press the "Cancel" button to avoid damaging it.

Configuration file: C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Virtual Machines\appliance50-19-vmware\appliance50-19-vmware.vmx" When i press "Take Ownership", I get this: Error while opening the virtual machine: Taking ownership of this virtual machine failed.

The virtual machine is in use by an application on your host computer.

Configuration file: C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Virtual Machines\appliance50-19-vmware\appliance50-19-vmware.vmx."

I am not using the VMware anywhere else (that I know of). I even reinstalled.

Any ideas?


New approach:

I googled your error ("Google is your friend":) and found these two potentially useful answers:



Just a guess, but you could try disabling your antivirus software for a moment and check it out.

Some new AV software, like Avast or Panda, create a 'Sandbox' for your Documents folder (and any other folder you specify, but 'Docs' is on default) and may complain if some third program (like VMWare) is trying to acces a file in it.

If that was the problem, you could disable the Sandbox (at your own risk, of course;) or, perhaps, move the VM folder.


  • Thank you. This also did not help. Any other ideas? I want to do the next pset!
    – ytma
    Dec 8 '14 at 16:44

I just restarted my computer (again) and it now works. Thank you

  • Just in case it happens again, check Answer 1. It's a really easy solution, and don't even need to restart your PC: basically, you navigate to your VM's folder, search a ".lck" or ".lock" file and/or folder, and delete it/them. That should be it :)
    – abelinux
    Dec 8 '14 at 17:59

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