I have had problems with uploading pset 4 which include:

1) never ending loading(I literally left it overnight once)enter image description here

or 2) It uploads but there is nothing in the sidebar(where you usually check to make sure all the files are in the zip file).

It shows up in submissions, its been over 2 weeks and my other psets were uploaded and graded within a day. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

  • I'm having the same problem. It does submit something, but it is impossible to check if the file shown in submissions is correct or not. I've even tried downloading pset4.zip from dropbox to my pc(i.e. outside the cs50 appliance) and uploading it from chrome yet it has the same problem.
    – maq
    Dec 16, 2014 at 14:05

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I was facing the same problem(see my comment). I kept closing the window and doing it again till it showed up in the sidebar see submission here

Also, you can click open the zip file from here itself and navigate to bounce.c to check it out


Not really sure this counts as an actual answer, but, nonetheless...

Something similar happened to me with pset3. When in "CS50 Submit" page, I clicked "upload", selected the file, "OK", commented the version... So far so good... But, when clicked on "Start Upload", the page would just hang...

So, couldn't help it, I'd click "Start Upload" again... < blank >... and again < blank >... Eventually, I decided to wait a couple more seconds, and it actually submitted. Problem was it submitted one correct submission (the first one), followed by several empty submisions, that would "take precedence" (regarding grades) over my proper one.

If this is your case, you should just wait till it actually "digests" your submission, in order to avoid empty submissions.


P.S.: I'm using Firefox 33.1, BTW. Don't know if the "lagging" button could be exclusive to some browsers ;)


The same problem happened to me. It showed loading for lot of time. Just wait for few seconds, close the tab and open it again. You could see your submission in cs50 submit.

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