I am stuck on trying to remove the placemarks after picking up a passenger. The problem is that I can keep adding the same passenger even though the placemark has been visually removed. I need help with this! Here is the code with some console.logs() thrown in. I can't figure out why the code Zamyla gave isn't removing the placemarks.

                for(var j = 0, numberadded = 0; j < shuttle.seats.length && numberadded == 0; j++)
                    // check for empty seats
                    if (shuttle.seats[j] == null)
                        // if empty, allow the current passenger to board
                        shuttle.seats[j] = PASSENGERS[i];
                        numberadded = 1;
                        seatsleft -= 1;
                        // remove placemark and marker
                // update chart

debugging information is here

Object {username: "dhu", name: "Dianna Hu", house: "Quincy House", marker: On, placemark: Object}
service.js:320 Object {username: "dhu", name: "Dianna Hu", house: "Quincy House", marker: On, placemark: Object}
service.js:321 Object {}
service.js:327 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'placemark' of null
  • I am having a similar problem, the person is gone from all the maps, but if you keep hitting pickup they get on the bus again.
    – aharris
    Dec 21 '14 at 13:50

Consider checking for the actual presence of the passenger on the list before accepting him/her aboard...

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