I've been having a lot of trouble with sell.php. I can sell stocks, that is, they are removed from the stock list but I do not receive the cash from the sale. Also, sale history does not show up on my history of transactions.

I get an error message of undefined index: shares for lines 30 and 36

Relevant code:

//see what stock they have
$stocks = query("SELECT symbol, shares FROM user_portfolio WHERE id = ?",$_SESSION["id"]);

            //get number of shares
            $number = query("SELECT shares FROM user_portfolio WHERE id = ? and symbol = ?", $_SESSION["id"], $_POST["stock"]);
            //get the total value of those shares
            $value = $price["price"]*$number["shares"]; (line 30)
            //update number of shares
            query("DELETE FROM user_portfolio WHERE id = ? AND symbol = ?",$_SESSION["id"], $_POST["stock"]);
            //update cash value
            query("UPDATE users SET cash = cash + ? WHERE id = ?",$value,$_SESSION["id"]);
            $date = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
            query("INSERT INTO history (date, symbol, transaction, shares, id) VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?, ?)",$date,$_POST["stock"],"SELL",$stocks["shares"],$_SESSION["id"]); (line 36)

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i presume you have got the variable $number from the function lookup. this gives an array of associative arrays, (although there is only one associative array) try $numbers[0]["shares"]

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