Can anyone tell me how to copy a jar file? I want to copy the spl.jar file into my project folder, so the "gevents.h, "gobjects.h", etc. files could be used.


Here are two ways to copy files in the appliance.

  1. command line The command line command for copying a file is cp. The command line command for moving a file is mv. There are man pages for each of them with more information.

  2. gui There are at least two ways to get to the gui file manager in the appliance. There you can drag, drop, copy and paste files and folders.

    • Option 1: In the lower left corner of the appliance, click on Menu. Then click on the top item in the list that should be Run Program .... In the Application Finder dialog box, type nautilus and click on Launch.

    • Option 2: In the lower right corner of the appliance, click on the icon that looks like a file folder. It will pop up a list of folders it can open as well as terminal windows it can open. Click on one of the file folders.

I don't remember moving those files to be able to use them.


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