The Gradebook has given me 0 points for problem set 6 even though my program passes check50 tests. Is this a known bug? Here's my check50 output:

jharvard@appliance (~/Downloads/pset6/Problem Set 6/pset6.zip/pset6): check50 2014/x/pset6/speller dictionary.c dictionary.h Makefile
:) dictionary.c, dictionary.h, Makefile exist
:) speller compiles
:) handles most basic words properly
:) handles min length (1-char) words
:) handles max length (45-char) words
:) spell-checking is case-insensitive
:) handles possessives properly
:) handles substrings properly
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    Are you sure you submitted the correct zip file? – Christopher Clarke Dec 31 '14 at 21:58
  • You can check your submission in the Gradebook's Submit section to ensure your files were uploaded correctly. – Calculemus Jan 2 '15 at 1:55
  • Oof, and you asked the question on the last day it was possible to submit a pset. Well, I hope you were able to figure out what you did wrong in time (whether it be not zip the files correctly, not submitting the correct zip, or not submitting the form at the end). – moonkey69420 Jan 2 '15 at 7:11

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