After completing the course and viewing it past the deadline, a message in yellow appears on the CS50x Course Into page on eDX, including this message:

"CS50x 2014's materials will remain available here for some time, but CS50x 2014's problem sets will no longer be graded after 2 January 2015."

What exactly does it mean by "graded after 2 January 2015"? Does that mean I could improve my mark by re-uploading some PSETs? Or does it only apply to those who are just auditing?


Prior to the 2nd you can upload assignments for marking (and possibly a better grade), however after that deadline only the 2015 assignments are considered.

However, if you have not completed the course, please be aware that you may be able to resubmit your problem sets in the 2015 course per the FAQs

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