Happy New Year, everyone!

I started CS50 3-4 months ago but I wasn't able to finish all the psets on time before the end of 2014. Now I will start again with the new CS50.

I know there is a possibility to resubmit some of the psets from the last course given they're the same. But, since the new course works with a new Ubuntu appliance, I was wondering if I can still submit with the Fedora VM from last year? It will just save me some time rewriting everything that I already have.

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You can perfectly re-submit your code using any machine (the OS is not relevant in this case) from where you have access to your 'C' files: all you need is a working (modern) browser (Chrome would do just fine). And having access to your 'C' files in any computer is pretty trivial if you followed staff's recommendation and placed all your code inside a DropBox folder.

I use my day-to-day Ubuntu (but could be any OS) to write my code and perform submissions, and it's perfectly fine. For submissions, any OS will do just fine: you simply go to the provided link (in psets specs), and select 'C' files to upload. There's no distinction as to "from where" did those files came ;)

To actually write code, also any OS would do, since all you need is a text editor. But when it comes to compile, debug, and check your code, only then is when you need a set of tools pre-loaded and pre-configured for you in the VM. You could do it in any OS, but with a fair amount of previous work, which is not (still) worth the trouble. Simply use the VM for that ;)

Even check50 should work, since "all" the command does is upload given (as in argvs) files to a certain folder in a certain server (unless, of course, they've "moved" the server, in which case, we're out of luck ;)

  • So what is actually important is that the OS or the VM (like in my case because normally I work on Windows) is based on Linux? The distribution doesn't really matter? Sorry, it's just still not clear for me how some things about the appliance work as this is the first time I use something like this.I thought that maybe there's something in the settings of the appliance that's specific for the course and if I need to install another one, they will also change.
    – GiP
    Commented Jan 3, 2015 at 14:38
  • re-read my edited answer ;)
    – abelinux
    Commented Jan 3, 2015 at 14:57
  • if this post (completely) answered your question, please mark it as "accepted", so future students with similar issues can benefit from an already answered question.
    – abelinux
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