This problem is fixed but enlarging the block height from 10 to 11, however I'm wondering why it happened in the first place

One of the GRects (or in my case, I used GRoundRect), or "block", doesn't seem to get detection by collision detection. The ball simply passes through it. However, he game functions as it should in every other way. When putting it in God Mode for testing, and on a fast speed, the game will break every single other block and the score will go to 49, but this one block will never break.

I did change the ball's RADIUS to 20, but tried it with the original 10 and it doesn't help. I tried using both GRects and GRoundRects for the blocks and I get this same issue. The block in question is in the topmost row, 2nd from the left.

The block sizes are width = 35 and height = 10. Like I said, making the height 11 seemed to fix the issue. But why was this happening in the first place, and why do you think it was with this one block?


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