I just wanted to know, today I correct errors from program greedy through your help. I submit this programs in 2014 year CS50 course, where I need to submit this problem set1 now -in 2014 CS50 course or in new CS50x3 2015 course? What happens with my problem set0 and problem set1 -which I done in CS50 course 2014? Should I need to done this again?

With Best Regards, Janis Mikelsons

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The 2014 offering of the course is over. You shouldn't submit any more problem sets to it.

Resubmitting old projects to the 2015 course is fine, as long as the problem set specification hasn't changed. This is stated in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I re-submit problem sets?

Yes, you may re-submit problem sets that you completed in 2014 for credit in 2015. To re-submit, simply follow the instructions under How to Submit in the specifications for each of CS50x 2015’s problem sets. However, know that some of 2015’s problem sets are different. Here’s what’s new in 2015.

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