My HDD space Is tiny and the ram Is very slow, so what are the software to install to compensate for the appliance?

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    What Operating System do you have installed?
    – wallek876
    Jan 16 '15 at 15:57
  • winXP 32 bit...
    – someone
    Jan 17 '15 at 6:47

If you think you pc is limited, i strongly recomend you to consider installing the cs50 appliance as a second operating system, this way when you turn on your computer you can chose between windows and the appliance. Said that.

Here is a list of tools i think will help you to complete the psets using windows.

  • For the C language part of the course:

cygwin - this would give a command shell like the one is used in the appliance, and you would be able to compile and use most of the commands used in the psets. You'll have learn how to install external libraries in order to use the cs50 library. Here is a link https://www3.ntu.edu.sg/home/ehchua/programming/howto/Cygwin_HowTo.html#cygwin for a small tutorial to setup cygwin. You can look for more specific ones online. You should also install the clang compiler package.

cygwin does not support valgrind so you'll have to find an alternative for finding memory leaks, you can try CMemLeak but is not exactly the same.

  • For the web development part of the course.

xampp - is a free web server, there are plenty of tutorials to how set it up.

  • Text editor

You can use any text editor, take a look at jEdit, Notepadd++, Bluefish, etc...


If you do not want to use the Appliance, you will need to use a compiler instead, and you will need a way to run it. Wikipedia has a list of compilers. But if you don't use the Appliance you won't have the cs50.h library so it will be harder for you (if at all possible, since I didn't finish all the assignments myself).

The Appliance uses a Ubuntu based OS which has lower system requirements than Windows, for example. Try to install it directly, maybe, instead of as a Virtual Machine with VM Ware. This will be easier for your computer to handle.

Edit: i just found out that you can go to http://run.cs50.net/ to write and compile c online with the CS50 libary.


you may use a compiler called "dev c" or "codeblocks".

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