I completed CS50 by 31st Dec. All my assignment were graded 1. But I still haven't got the link to download the PDF file for my certificate.

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    I don't think this is a duplicate of the linked post. The question being asked here is more like "when will the last 2014 certificate be issued?" The linked question is asking "what is the project submission deadline to qualify for a certificate?" (An easy mistake to make, I originally thought it was a duplicate of another post, but I ended up retracting my vote.) (@Kareem)
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  • @Calculemus my apologies! I linked the wrong question. Vote retracted!
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  • @Calculemus This question is still close-worthy. Your answer is useful today, but 10 days from now it will be useless. This is a customer support type of question; it adds no value to the site, and the revision needed to make it valuable would be so total as to create an entirely new question.
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The 2014 offering of the course has the following text displayed in bright yellow on the front page.

If you did finish CS50x 2014 and met the syllabus's expectations for a certificate, your certificate should appear at courses.edx.org/dashboard as a downloadable, printable PDF by 31 January 2015. Don't worry if your dashboard says your final grade is 0%. CS50 doesn't use edX's built-in gradebook, so everyone's dashboard says that!

It isn't 31 January yet. So don't worry, there's still plenty of time.

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