my name is Paulo and I'm taking cs50 through edx. I noticed that the pset0 and the pset1 used to be at week 0 and at week 1, respectively. But for some reason, now they are at week 1 and week 2, respectively. I thought that was a mistake of mine, but during the classes of week 2, David Malan mentions the pset2. So now I'm wondering if there was a mistake in edx and pset0, 1, and 2, correspond to week 0, 1, and 2, respectively.

Since there is less psets than weeks, could someone tell me which week matches each problem set? I have searched for it but I can't find it.


The course if selfpaced: http://cdn.cs50.net/2015/x/references/instructions/instructions.html#schedule

You are welcome to take CS50x at your own pace, so long as you submit nine problem sets and submit a final project no later than 31 December 2015.

Although there a suggested schedule of deadlines:

  • Problem Set 0 try to submit by 20 February 2015
  • Problem Set 1 try to submit by 24 March 2015
  • Problem Set 2 try to submit by 24 April 2015
  • Problem Set 3 try to submit by 26 May 2015
  • Problem Set 4 try to submit by 26 June 2015
  • Problem Set 5 try to submit by 27 July 2015
  • Problem Set 6 try to submit by 28 August 2015
  • Problem Set 7 try to submit by 28 September 2015
  • Problem Set 8 try to submit by 30 October 2015
  • Final Project submit by 31 December 2015



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