Help please.... I can get online with the appliance terminal window. (In the terminal window, I just typed "update50" and it updated some stuff, so I know it got online). Ive just tried to type something in google, and there is no connection. Im getting error


Unable to connect to the Internet

Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.



Im using wireless connection. I cannot understand how the appliance can get online to update, but google chrome cannot. Any ideas?

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Ive just uninstalled the cs50appliance and then reinstalled it. Now I can get online with google again. So the only way I can get online is either by keeping the appliance running 24/7. As soon as I shut it down I cannot get back online with google in cs50 appliance. Theres a bug somewhere.



This one is from January 27, 2015.

The poster answered their own question, but did not accept their own answer by clicking the green check mark.

Now, it seems likely that this will never be marked as answered so it will haunt the forum forever.

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