I am new to scratch... I was trying to make a game in which a clone of a ball is produced every 3 sec..and has to act exactly like the original sprite ball..but that is not the problem.

What I want is to make every clone function in the same way as original sprite ball, when it is clicked by mouse or touched by any other sprite.. But there is no option available as "When the clone of the sprite is clicked" rather "when the sprite is clicked" is available.

Please help..my work won't complete without this..:(

  • you can use the if statement and give it a function that if it is touched by any other sprite it can respond to it.
    – Deep
    Jan 28, 2015 at 15:05

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There is no default option to know when a clone is clicked but you can simulate this feature using something like this in the page of the original sprite.

enter image description here

What this does is that when a clone of the sprite is created, always checks if the mouse is clicked and is touching the clone at the same time. If the condition is true then the clone is deleted. Notice that you can change the delete this clone piece and use anything you want. Hope it helps you.

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