Fresh installation of the latest appliance on VMWare Player for Windows. I ran update50. I've rebooted the appliance.

When I drag the bottom right corner of the window, the appliance's desktop doesn't resize to fit the screen. It stays at the fixed size of 800x600 or whatever size is set in Ubuntu's Display settings.

This poses an issue because previously, I was able to go full screen and the appliance adapted to my 27" screen. I also remote into this computer from a 15" laptop, and when I would go full screen, it would adapt to the 15" screen on its own. I had to set up a new appliance due to issues with phpmyadmin and now I've got this issue along with the VM showing "missing network adapter" on the bottom right hand side even though I have internet access and it's properly configured.

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You should install VMware tools for that. Go through this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8Llva5GqiE

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