I am stuck! I just started CS50, but during Week 1, I do not know where to download anything from. Where do I download G-Edit from and the other course files?! Please help! -Alexander

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All of the instructions for the appliance and other files are the first "assignment" in Problem Set 1 (which is found in Week 2).


Are you using the appliance?? Remember is highly important to work in the appliance so every student have an standart enviroment and then anybody can help.

If it is so, and gedit doesn't come wiht the appliance, you can download it using this terminal command sudo apt-get install gedit gedit-plugins

Though you should reinstall, the appliance, if gedit wasn't installed by default then probably gedit is not the only issue.

Also remember to keep up to date your appliance, run the command to update your own update50


What you have to do is go to CS50 appliances link below and follow the instructions: https://manual.cs50.net/appliance/2014/


  1. Download VMware Workstation using your edx account (free).
  2. Download CS50 appliances.
  3. Install VMware workstation.
  4. Open CS50 appliances file using VMware Workstation.

Then you will find gedit editor on your virtual machine.

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