So far i have attended week 0 and week 1 lectures online.
For week 0 have created a game in [scratch] (http://scratch.mit.edu/) site.
Currently i am doing week 1 or problem set 0 assignments.

Please suggest where i can submit the scratch game for week 0 and where i can submit problem set 0 assignments.
As in grade book there is no submit option for either of them.


  • I have submitted pset0 on 17/09/15. How do I receive a grade/feedback? Thanks.
    – Omecabs
    Sep 30, 2015 at 20:44

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From the problem set:

To submit this problem set, visit http://cs50.edx.org/2015/psets/0/. You’ll find that a few questions await. Be extra-sure that your answers are correct, particularly your project’s URL on MIT’s website, lest we overlook your submission!

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