In the cs50 manual i could only find the vmware workstation 11 link . Could you please tell me where i can find the appliance version 2014

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It is a bit hidden, you actually need to enter one of the links for instructions on how to install them. The link to the current image file: http://mirror.cs50.net/appliance50/2014/releases/26/appliance50-2014-vmware.ova Or alternatively, if you prefer torrent: http://mirror.cs50.net/appliance50/2014/releases/26/appliance50-2014-vmware.ova.torrent

Remember to run update50 on a Terminal window to update to the latest version of the appliance


If you are looking to install the CS50 appliance as your native operating system instead of running it through a hypervisor (as a virtual machine) there is an iso file available.

Quoting directly from the CS50 Appliance Manual:

In case your computer is unable to support a virtual machine, or you simply prefer not to use one, and you know how to install Linux from an ISO-9660 image, we provide an ISO image that you can use to install an Ubuntu system equivalent to the CS50 Appliance on "bare metal".

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