i am not super creative, and I cannot think beyond the cat following the mouse, or chasing the bird for ideas on what kind of program to make for problem set 0. can someone just give me an idea to create?

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I would suggest exploring other peoples scratchs to help inspire you and so you can see the different types things the program can do. Also, look at the different sprites the program has and maybe one (or more) will inspire you.


How about a beach party on the boardwalk or under the sea? There are plenty of sprites ready to dance and tons of backdrops where you can make a party happen just about anywhere!


What I have done was trying to dupulicate the Arcade Game like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Breakout. All of these are good games and fun to play. Images for your sprites are also quite easy to be found on the Internet.

Play the game for a while before start working on it, understand the interaction between sprits and the game logic.

Happy Coding.

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