I notice that CS50 is doing a really effort to make the course more accesible to everyone, and you can see this below the videos is a lot subtitles links in many languages.

So, in PSET 4 there is a file, questions.txt that we have to answer it based in our research, and my english is medium-fine, but writte articles or long answers, makes me feel a little intimidated.

And I know the probably answer is NO, but I don't lose nothing for asking, can we perform this task in our mother tongue?? =)


I think you might be able to because the psets are checked by computer... I think.

  • that is the problem, I'm really surprised about some kind of problems they propose in PSETs, which can only be evaluated for real humans, for example the breakout game, and what I'm talking about is another example... answer these questions, and there is no simple or multiple choices quiestions, or things that can be evaluated by a computer, you have to perform the answers written literally. – Daniel N. Feb 16 '15 at 4:09
  • I know... but I guess that is how it is. I know that Pset0, 7, 8 and the final project is graded pass/fail. – Richard Qiu Feb 16 '15 at 5:51

You can answer the questions in your own way, prefer that to be English even in a compromised quality. Its most probable that you shall get a 1 for questions.txt. Good Luck and keep going.

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