I've "shared" the program. But when it's launched, the only URL I see is the generic scratch.mit.edu in the address bar. Where should I be looking for the URL asked for in the set 0 questionnaire?

I'm using Mac Yosemite.

Thank you.

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If you don't see a URL like http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/xxxxxxxx (xxxxxxx being a number) in your browser, try clicking on Embed on the project page.

That will give you a share link to be posted on twitter on facebook - that's the URL for the pset0.


The instructions for finding the URL are given midway through the questionnaire--when it asks you for the URL. I think this is a bit confusing, since the instructions for filling out the questionnaire stress that you should provide the correct URL. I just decided to fill in the form without the URL and got lucky when I came across the instructions for finding it within the questionnarie.

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