i completed my cs50 course.Took Cs50 and had the following grades on my psets 1, 0.67, 1, 0.11, 1, 1, 1, 1 , 1, 1. when i will get the honor code certificate?

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Looks like you don't qualify for a certificate. You must have a grade of 0.60 or higher in each pset, and you've written that you got 0.11 in pset3.

If you would like a certificate, you will need to enrol in this year's CS50x3 and resubmit your work. Do be aware, however, that there are 2 new psets and some of the other psets have slight changes, so make sure you change your code to match.

You are allowed to resubmit the same final project so that does not need to be redone.

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