I have downloaded and installed cs50 ubuntu iso on my virtual box.

and i have done update50

after that i have even run

sudo sh cs50_setup_ubuntu.sh 

i see that there is a check50 program when i press tab.

But when i run, it gives following error

jharvard@appliance (~/Dropbox/pset1): check50 2014.fall.pset1.hello hello.c
-bash: /usr/bin/node: No such file or directory

What am i doing wrong here

further i see there are no pset folder in Dropbox but i do find another homefolder by cs50 which contains folder hacker and pset is there something i did wrong??

kindly suggest what should i do to correct the mistakes.

Thank you


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You get this error because node.js hasn't been installed. Try the following and let me know the results.

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo ln -s "$(which nodejs)" /usr/bin/node

this is because you may have named the folder/file with some other name.


Do you mean there is no pset1 folder in your Dropbox? The assumption is that you made a pset1 folder in your Dropbox on your own, and created a file hello.c yourself, and saved it there as per the instructions of the pset.

The other home folder, I'm assuming you mean another user, 'cs50' should be untouched, that contains the staff solutions to psets



Yes you are right. and check50 when run

jharvard@appliance (~/Dropbox): check50
-bash: /usr/bin/node: No such file or directory

gives above.

Now what should I do.


  • check your file/folder name again Jul 2, 2016 at 15:24

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