As we know.. in the appliance when we use the command.. . make [file-name] .. It automatically complied with some flag....-ggdb -O0 -std=c99 -Wall - Werror But I need to know in which directory the CS50 edited Makefile is located??? Because I wanna configure my own Makefile for entire system by which I can make any .cpp file.. I am greatly in need of that .. Please suggest some suggestions... Becuase when I compile c++ file with make it automatically compiles with g++ but I want to compile .cpp file with clang++ compiler...adding some essential fiag.. such for -g for debugging -O0 for assembly code.. ..So I know to create a Makefile for that specific reason if possible..enter image description here

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make is a utility that finds a specified file on the disk, and then executes the commands in it. The default behaviour can be altered by creating your own file, say qwerty. Now go the corresponding directory and run

make -f qwerty

on terminal to override the default file execution with the one explicitly provided.

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