Self-explonatory title, I can't install the appliance for some reasons - Google just left me pretty confused - I would like to use the Stanford Portable Libray in a windows enviroment.

I am using cygwin as compiler on Windows XP.


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If you want to find a easier way, go for a compiler like devcpp which also compiles C code. Since the souce for SPL is available in the comments already shared above, you can compile them and get a lib as output.

Since you're good with cygwin already, use the makefile file that surely would be coming with the SPL library and make sure the libspl.a file is generated.

Once the library is available, you can include it in your compilation by using -l option of GCC.

Your final make will be like gcc breakout.c -o breakout -lspl

  • Keep in mind Dev-c++ is not a compiler, just like cygwin isn't. Both are productivity tools, cygwin is a Unix-like toolchain for Windows and dev-c++ is an IDE... also, keep in mind you should probably recommend Orwell Dev-C++ if you're suggesting it as a tool since if you Google Dev-C++ your top links will still be to Bloodshed Dev-C++, the development on which had stalled back in 2005.
    – Andrej
    Commented Jul 7, 2015 at 13:27

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