Message: I am taking Intro to Computer Programming. I am auditing as my computer skills are minimal (actually a complete noob as there were no computers when I was in school). I have a 32 bit Windows Vista OS and I need to download the Appliance or VirtualBox to try to do the problems. They seem to require 64 bits. Is there a way for me to download it. I tried Linux for what I believe was 32 bits but that would not work on my system after I downloaded it. Specific instructions would really help as the Manual did not seem to address it (or at least I did not understand it).

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I used VMware Player 6.0.4 on my 32bit Windows machine. Version 7 is only for 64bit but 6.0.5 and earlier work with 32bit processor architecture. Also note this is the free VMware Player software not the VMware Workstation offered through edX from cs50x page. You can then download & import the ova file for the VMware version of the 2014 appliance.

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