Before you shout at me, I know this is a duplicate (Why do I get Error: Could not find or load main class stanford.spl.JavaBackEnd?) but that article did not help solve my problem. I ran sudo chown user:user /usr/local/lib/spl.jar sudo chown user:user /usr/local/lib/libcs.a but this did not work. I sill get the same error.

I am currently using java-8-openjdk and not on the appliance. Running Parabola(a flavour of Arch) GNU/Linux.



After asking on reddit, I found the answer. (Credit to https://www.reddit.com/u/FreeER)

I needed to run: export CLASSPATH=/usr/local/lib/spl.jar and then it woked fine.

Just add it to your .bashrc/zshrc

Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/cs50/comments/31by5p/pset3_error_could_not_find_or_load_main_class/

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