I submitted my problem set 1 that is greedy.c, mario.c, hello.c and when i myself run all this file it was handling all inputs correctly from user. I also submitted all answer as asked in form correctly but my score is very low it is 0.06 only. (Even i checked these question from reference book). How I can get such low marks.

Is it software problem or whatever.

I don't have vmWare player installed on my system but i uploaded it from other computer manually.I think may be it is reason or of check50 and style 5. etc

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    Is check50 happy with your program?
    – sinister
    Apr 8, 2015 at 12:35

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If your output does not match the staff implementation's output exactly then it will not be correct. Your program will be graded automatically by another computer program so it must follow the pset requirements to the character. As mentioned above, it must pass all checks in check50 in order to get the highest grade (1.0)

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