The program has already added this line: clang -ggdb3 -o0 -std=c99 -Wall -Werrior -o -button -button.c -lcs -lm

But when I used the make button It shows 'bounce' is up to date.

How can I run the bounce.c? enter image description here


When you issue the command make bounce in a terminal window, it will usually do one of two things - it will either try to make the executable file 'bounce' from the source file 'bounce.c' or it will tell you that it is up to date. If it says that it is up to date, it means that the source file, 'bounce.c' hasn't been changed since the last time you built the executable file. ('bounce' and 'bounce.c' are two different files.) To make a new bounce file, you would need to either delete the existing bounce file (not bounce.c ) or alter and save the bounce.c source file, or 'make clean', which you will learn about in later lessons, before you make bounce.

Running the file is simple. ./bounce will run it. To run any executable, you enter a period followed by a slash and then the file name, assuming it is in the current directory. If there are any parameters, just add them after the file name.

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  • Thanks for helping me solve the problem
    – user6908
    Apr 16 '15 at 4:50

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