I want to add cs50 libraries to eclipse IDE. I searched in google but i couldn't find a solution. Plz help me to add these libraries. I use eclipse luna.

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Taken directly from here (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20058864/how-to-include-libraries-in-visual-studio-2012), all credit to them :)

Typically you need to do 5 things to include a library in your project:

1) Add #include statements necessary files with declarations/interfaces, e.g.:

#include "library.h"

2) Add an include directory for the compiler to look into

-> Configuration Properties/VC++ Directories/Include Directories (click and edit, add a new entry)

3) Add a library directory for *.lib files:

-> Configuration Properties/VC++ Directories/Library Directories (click and edit, add a new entry)

4) Link the lib's *.lib files

-> Configuration Properties/Linker/Input/Additional Dependencies (e.g.: library.lib;

5) Place *.dll files either:

-> in the directory you'll be opening your final executable from or into Windows/system32

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