When doing the symbol lookup in pest7, I noticed that a non-valid input for symbol (i.e., inputing "asdfafda") would not give a valid warning response. (Not on my computer and not on the staff solution either!). In fact, the yahoo finance csv file output for a non valid symbol would be "{asdfasdf}",N/A,N/A, so I suggest the following fix:

In Line 102 of functions.php

if ($data[2] === "0.00")

should be changed to

if ($data[2] === "N/A")

My guess is that yahoo changed their text output which is not reflected in the distribution code.


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Should be: if ($data[1] === "N/A") {...}

$data[2] returns 0 if the symbol is invalid. Otherwise, yup, what you said.

(Honestly, this will probably be a moving target over time.)

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