I'm trying to use the asciimath program that Zamyla uses in the tutorial for Caesar but I keep getting the same error ' more '%' conversions than data arguments'

I'm confused I've checked that I'm using the same code, have the same header files etc but still keep getting this error. A little help pls

  • Please update your question with a copy of the code that you're trying to compile!
    – kzidane
    May 11, 2015 at 18:55

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Check your printf statements. That error means you're missing a "replaceable parameter" value. For example:

string name = "fuego pazzo";
int myInt = 6;

printf("%s says my int is: %i\n", name, myInt);

In this example, there are two replaceable parameters: %s and %i

Each one of those must have a variable associated with it - in this example, name and myInt.

If you have a replaceable parameter (%-something) somewhere, but no variable to match, you get the message "more '%' conversions than data arguments".

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