I cannot find the dictionaries for pset5.

When I type in: "cd ~cs50/pset5/dictionaries" (as suggested in a question from May 5, 2015) I get the following error: "bash: cd: /home/cs50/pset5/dictionaries: No such file or directory"

When I type "cd ~cs50/pset5/" I see the files peek and resize - no dictionaries. Could I somehow be stuck in last year's directory structure? I started taking the class last year but could not finish.


Sounds like you have an older version of the appliance (perhaps version 19?) because peek and resize are now part of pset4.

You need to be using Appliance 2014-29 if you are doing the 2015 version of the edX course. https://manual.cs50.net/appliance/2014/#how_to_install_appliance

  • Thanks. That looks like it did the job. I guess I was in a rush when I started the 2015 class and didn't look at all of the backup material. May 16 '15 at 10:25

I couldn't find the dictionaries at first either. try this: go to file > open in the appliance

now notice where it says "jharvard" at the top. click on the arrow next to this to see "home" and in the main box you will now see jharvard and cs50. now you can access the folders in cs50. cs50>pset5>dictionaries.

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